1image225The tracks on an overhead garage door are use to properly keep the door aligned. A garage door can become bent or off balance if the tracks on the door are aligned poorly. Make sure the tracks on the door are in place and in the right position

If they become loose the garage door itself could actually fall. This could be very dangerous and cause serious harm, but the tracks are also not hard to fix.

The brackets that’s attached to the frame of the door help keep the tracks in place. In order for the tracks to work properly they need to be in parallel with each another. The garage door tracks are also responsible for guiding the door into the weatherstripping.

If the tracks are to far from the jamb. They can cause the garage door to have a gap between the weatherstrip. If it seems the tracks need to be adjusted or even replaced. Most of the time this is an issue a average person can deal with and it won’t take them long to fix.

However if an individual doesn’t feel confident enough to carefully handle the task. Then calling a professional company and hiring a repairmen is highly recommended.

It should take less than a half an hour for a professional to adjust a garage door.  Adjusting a garage door and the tracks are not difficult to do. This is a simple task and require the skill level of a handyman.

If you see any loose brackets, you can simple fix this by getting a wrench and tightening up the bolts.  If the door tracks get adjusted the wrong way it can make things even worse. Your door could go from closing poorly to not closing at all if adjusted wrong.

Make sure you never loosen the overhead tracks on the garage while it’s up, because it could fall.


Replacing The Garage Door Tracks


The door tracks are made of metal and can potentially rust over time. This is where replacing the tracks can come in use as it may be needed. The tracks come in two pieces that’s bolted together.

Put something in the door to hold it in place before you start to remove the tracks on the side. Make sure the garage door opener is unplugged so no one can attempt to open the door up.

When you replace the overhead section of a track. You want to close the door first and unbolt the bad area of the track. Then replace it with the new one and reinstall the bolts in the same area.

When replacing the track remove the bolts and take it off the rollers. Put the new track in it’s place and then reinstall the bolts. Make sure everything is perfectly tighten, aligned, and the garage door is snugged up to the weatherstripping before attempting to open and close it.