Dr. Gate & Garage Door Repair Granada Hills, CADr. Gate & Garage Door Repair Granada Hills, CA ― It is finally that time of the year! With May right around the corner, summer in the valley is quickly approaching! And as you locals have surely predicted, it is going to get HOT. With the cold, rainy weather behind us, it’s time to get those Garage Door Maintenance checks done! 

Winter’s fickle weather conditions can take its toll on your garage door. Therefore, some internal and external repairs and touch ups may be necessary.

Ensuring that the parts, cleanliness, and any damages are maintained will save you tons of money later on. Read on for everyday tips that will keep your garage door in great shape for the coming summer months!

Spring Time, Clean Time

It may not feel like it, but spring is still here for about another month or so! Use this time wisely and spend a day cleaning out your garage. They aren’t exactly the most orderly section of your home, so some attention here is defnitely called for. The tools, old boxes and supplies collect dust that stays in your garage. Not to mention the grimey particles you drag in on a daily basis with your car! And we haven’t even started talking about the exterior yet! You know, the part of the door that is exposed to the outside world and all of its filth… Your garage door needs a good bath. Wash it both inside and out with a sponge or old rag. Be sure to use a strong soap to tackle any grease and build up. To prevent this even further, add a layer of car wax to both sides of the door as well. If your door is made out of wood, though, you also run the risk of rotting. A simple hack that will prevent this from occuring is just adding a fresh coat of paint and water sealant to your door (both sides). However, if rot does occur and furthermore, if it spreads, your only option is to replace the garage door. Rotten wood is a major health risk. Inspect your door for rust if it is made out of steel. Sand down any that you find, and use a zinc primer to paint over it and – voila! 

Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate!Dr. Gate & Garage Door Repair Granada Hills, CA

Whenever you are dealing with metal machinery, lubrication is key. Take time to lubricate all metal components of your door. This includes your hinges, tracks, rollers, and especially the springs. In addition, lubricate the weather-stripping and opener’s tracks. Be sure to avoid oils like WD-40. On the contrary, use an oil specially formulated for garage door use. Be careful not to use too much also – you don’t want to rack up dirt and dust build up. It will become sticky and eventually wear out the parts. Use a silicone-based lubricant to lubricate the weather-stripping.

Got weathering?Dr. Gate & Garage Door Repair Granada Hills, CA

Now, let’s check for weathering in your garage door system. Start with the cables: do they look frayed? Worn? Like they’re on their last life? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, replace them immediately! Luckily for you, we can fix this in two seconds. Just give us a call and see! But whatever you do, do NOT attempt to replace the cables yourself. Nor should you allow a friend to replace them for you, even if they are good at handy work. The only person who should take care of this dangerous job for you is a garage door professional technician. However, you can do your part by making sure the hinges, rods, supports and ball-bearings are all in good shape! If you come across any damage or loose parts, correct them immediately. It will definitely help you avoid a huge bill down the line!

Tighten Those Bolts

Simple but essential: make sure all of your bolts are as tight as can be! There should be no loose bolts on the tracks. Loose bolts affect your safety just as much as they affect your door’s maintenance. A bolt that isn’t tight enough can cause your garage door to fall. You don’t want that! Tighten now, avoid conflict later.

Check your SpringsDr. Gate & Garage Door Repair Granada Hills, CA

Now, it is inevitable for your garage door springs to break one day. Even if you do your very best at maintaining them they simply do not last forever. However, we can take measures to ensure they last as long as physically possible. Make sure your garage door springs are rust-free! Lubricating them often and scrubbing off any residue or new rust. This will not only lengthen your spring’s life but improve the quality of their life. If your garage door springs have protective coverings on them (like the ones pictured), you won’t have to worry about upkeep. These coverings prevent your spring from flinging itself across the room when it reaches the end of its life and snaps. When the dreaded day comes and your springs finally do break, do not replace them your self. Instead, give us a call [https://www.garagedoorsrepairgranadahills.com/contact-us/]! We’ll send a professional out in not time to fix the spring and correct this. And lastly, make sure you are checking your springs’ tension regularly. Do this by opening your garage door manually to its center of balance. If you let go and the door slams shut, the spring tension is too low. If you let go and the door flies open, the springs are too tense. Perfect balance is the ultimate goal here!

Insulation & Weather-Stripping

Last but not least, maintain your weather-stripping and insulation panels! Be sure to clean and replace them when needed. This is an important step – do not skip it. Your weather-stripping and insulation keep your garage protected from the outside world’s weather conditions. Without them, your garage would be very wet or cold and we don’t want that.

In conclusion, following these steps will lead to a long healthy life for any garage! Got one you may need serviced? Be sure to CONTACT US for a service call!